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Bachelor of Animal Production & Health



Bachelor of Animal Production and Health is the best preparation for a career in the field of animal production and animal health. This program is an applied science degree that combines basic science and animal science fields, and was equipped with adequate amount of practical work. The first year of study provides students with a system of animal production and animal health through a variety of courses which are chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, economics, and genetics. In the second and third year of studies contain the basic anatomy, physiology, reproductive physiology, nutrition, animal breeding, biostatistics, meat production, dairy production, poultry production, goat production, microbiology, animal diseases, parasitology, and disease-causing agents. In the fourth year, students will undertake a short research project, seminar presentations, veterinary practice, veterinary public health, animal waste management, animal behavior and welfare, farm structure, agricultural extension and communication.


The purpose of this study is to train animal scientists find employment in a wide variety of conditions in animal agriculture, agribusiness (consultancy and advisory services), animal health and welfare, marketing, rural enterprise management (including farms), industrial breeding and research. This degree takes four (4) years with credit graduation requirement of 133.


This degree takes four (4) years with credit graduation requirement of 133.

More information, please refer to the Undergraduate Handbook.