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  • • Bachelor Degree in Science (Honours) Aquatic Science (MQA/FA5161)

Bachelor Degree in Science (Honours) Aquatic Science (MQA/FA5161)



Bachelor Degree in Science (Honours) Aquatic Science (MQA/FA5161) is the best preparation for a career in the field of aquatic science. This program is an applied science degree that combines basic science and aquatic science fields, and was equipped with adequate amount of practical work. This program is aligned with the needs outlined in Dasar Agromakanan Negara (DAN), 2011-2020 to support the Government’s aim to provide food security and provide income for all.  During the first year of study, students will learn aquatic science system through various fundamental courses like biochemistry, genetic, microbiology, analytical chemistry, ichtiology, oceanography, and limnology. In second and third year, courses like biostatistic, hydrology, principles of aquaculture,  swimming and water safety, biology of mollusks, research method and scientific writing, aquatic engineering, aquatic pollution, agriculture extension, fish feeds and feeding, fish culture, hatchery and farm management, integrated aquaculture, aquaponic, micro anatomy, agriculture economics, fish processing and preservation and biofloc technology. In the final year, students will conduct their research project and will learn issues on aquatic science, aquatic entomology, fish health and disease, ecosystem approach to fisheries management, policy and act, algalogy, communication in agriculture, river management and flood mitigation, fisheries value chain and aquatic toxicology. 

Career Prospects

This program is a knowledge platform for capacity building for skilled human resource in aquatic science. Graduates from this program will be able to work as professionals in aquatic science related industries, agribusiness (technical and consultancy services), health and aquatic animal welfare, marketing, aquaculture, fisheries science and research. 


This degree takes four (4) years with credit graduation requirement of 120.

More information, please refer to the Undergraduate Handbook.