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Bachelor of Halal Food Development




Bachelor of Halal Food Development is important programme that deals with the innovation of food products for sustainability of future generations. Graduates of the course are critical thinkers and they are very much in demand in food and halal industries due to their scientific understanding of the technical aspects of food with emphasis of Syariah requirements. The course focuses firstly on helping student develop a greater understanding of Maqasid Syariah through education in halal fields, and secondly on the technology of food such as preservation, processing, and packaging to ensure that food is safe, nutritious and wholesome.

Bachelor of Halal Food Development will be offered in October 2021. The programme has received a quality certificate from the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). Bachelor of Halal Food Development is a full-time study.


Halal food development is one of the largest manufacturing industry and gives a very good job opportunities. Development and promotion of this industry need specialized workers in the field of halal food development. Possibilities for future employment sectors include halal executive officer, development officer of new product, research and development officer, quality control executive (QC), food technology officer, production plant supervisor and nutritional consultant. In addition, the graduate may involve in the education sector that related to halal and food technology areas.


This degree takes four (4) years with credit graduation requirement of 120.

More information, please refer to the Undergraduate Handbook.