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Publication 2021

First Author/Corresponding Author Article Title Journal
Prof. Madya Dr. Nalini A/P Arumugam Exploring Business Sustainability Factors of Malaysian Agribusiness Small Medium Enterprises (ASMEs) International Journal of Business and Social Science
Dr. Ho Lee Hoon Effects of partial sugar replacement on the physicochemical and sensory properties of low sugar cookies International Food Research Journal
Dr. Nur Fatihah Binti Hasan Nudin Breeding strategies for enhancing nutrient content and quality in Cucurbitaceae: a review International Journal of Vegetable Science
Prof. Madya Dr. John Tang Yew Huat Vibrio parahaemolyticus: A review on the pathogenicity, antibiotic resistance, foodborne outbreaks, and detection methods Food Research
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Establishing forensic food models for authentication and quantification of porcine adulterant in gelatine and marshmallow Food Control
Dr. Saiful Iskandar Bin Khalit Bibliometric Analysis of Global Trends on Soil Moisture Assessment Using the Remote Sensing Research Study from 2000 to 2020 Water, Air, and Soil Pollution
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Relationship between carbon dioxide (co2) and population of airborne microorganisms in cattle farm at ladang pasir akar, terengganu, malaysia Journal of Sustainability Science and Management
Dr. Salmah Binti Mohamed Optimization of gene design,PCR assembly and site-directed mutagenesis for the synthesis of beauveria bassiana protease gene Journal of Sciences, Islamic Republic of Iran
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Spatial torrential rainfall modelling in pattern analysis based on robust PCA approach Polish Journal of Environmental Studies
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Prediction of epidemic trends in covid-19 with mann-kendall and recurrent forecasting-singular spectrum analysis Sains Malaysiana
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Haze episodes: Identification of air pollutants and meteorological factors in borneo, central, eastern, northern, and southern regions of malaysia Desalination and Water Treatment
Dr. Norshida Binti Ismail First wild record of australian redclaw crayfish cherax quadricarinatus (Von martens, 1868) in the east coast of peninsular malaysia BioInvasions Records
Ts. Dr. Zarizal Bin Suhaili Antimicrobial susceptibility, serotype distribution, virulence profile and molecular typing of piliated clinical isolates of pneumococci from east coast, Peninsular Malaysia Scientific Reports
Dr. Nur Fatihah Binti Hasan Nudin Visual and optical absorbance detection of melamine in milk by melamine-induced aggregation of gold nanoparticles Nanomaterials
Dr. Nur Fatihah Binti Hasan Nudin Identification patterns of Trichoderma strains using morphological characteristics, phylogenetic analyses and lignocellulolytic activities Molecular Biology Reports
Dr. Norshazila Binti Shahidan Determination of Vitamins, Minerals, Heavy Metals and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Melon Manis Terengganu Peel Bioscience Research
Prof. Dr. Abd Manaf Bin Ali Anticancer Potential of Damnacanthal and Nordamnacanthal from Morinda elliptica Roots on T-lymphoblastic Leukemia Cell Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker Influence of Rhizopheric H2O2 on Growth, Mineral Absorption, Root Anatomy and Nematode Infection of Ficus deltoidea Agronomy-Basel
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker Implications of Brassicaceae cultivation in heavy metals contaminated environment: A phytoremediation point of view Bioscience Research
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker The importance of lemon (Citrus limon) and the future of its cultivation by using bio-fertilizers Bioscience Research
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker The stimulatory effects of fish waste effluent on cucumber photosynthesis, flower formation and fruit development grown in Peat Moss Bioscience Research
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker The effectiveness of Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus thuringiensis on soil characteristics, fruit growth, development and disease resistance: A Review Bioscience Research
Dr. Ahmad Syazni Bin Kamarudin Introduction of Invasive Peacock Bass (Cichla Spp.), Its Rapid Distribution and Future Impact on Freshwater Ecosystem in Malaysia Ribarstvo, Croatian Journal of Fisheries
Dr. Asmad Binti Kari Assessment of subclinical mastitis effects on live weight, body condition score (Bcs) and external udder measurements of dorper sheep Jurnal Teknologi
Dr. Nornasuha Binti Yusoff The dynamic linkage between phytotoxicity and metabolites in Wedelia trilobata soils Weed Biology and Management
Prof. Madya Dr. John Tang Yew Huat Persistence of listeria monocytogenes in food commodities: Foodborne pathogenesis, virulence factors, and implications for public health Food Research
Dr. Nadiawati Binti Alias Identification and characterization of potential compost degrading bacteria from agro-waste Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Food forensics on gelatine source via ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography diode-array detector and principal component analysis SN Applied Sciences
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker Tree physiology, fruit growth and nutrient elements of wax apple (Syzygium Samarangense) as affected by branch bending angle Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker Phenetic and unsupervised multivariate analysis Syzygium Polyanthum (wight) walp Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Azman Bin Azid Evidence of recovery from the restriction movement order by mann kendall during the covid-19 pandemic in malaysia Journal of Sustainability Science and Management
Dr. Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker Antioxidant compounds, antioxidant activities, and mineral contents among underutilized vegetables International Journal of Vegetable Science