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Tahniah Penerima Geran DPU 2021

Tahniah DPU 2021

Tahniah Penerima Geran Dana Penyelidikan Universiti 1.0 dan 2.0 2021


FBIM mengucapkan tahniah kepada 6 orang pensyarah yang telah berjaya mendapatkan geran Dana Penyelidikan Universiti (DPU) 1.0 dan 2.0 bagi tahun 2021.

1. PM Ts. Dr. Khamsah Suryati Mohd
**Identification of Chemical Compounds From Malaysian Stingless Bee Propolis (Geniotrigona Thoracica) and Their Antioxidant Properties. (RM44 000).

2. Dr. Asmad Kari
**Assessment of Egg White Sedimentation and Percoll Density Gradient Centrifugation Methods In-situ on Sexed Sperm Quality of Small Ruminants. (RM43 000).

3. Dr. Noroul Asyikeen Zulkifli
**The Impact of Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCTs) of Coconut Milk Drink on Appetite and Food Intake in Overweight Subjects. (RM43 000).

4. Dr. Norzaida Yusof
**Effect of Different Drying Methods on Physicochemical Properties of Roselle Powder and Its Effervescent Tablet. (RM20 000).

5. Dr. Nurhayati Yusof
**Extraction and Depolymerization of Chitosan From Fish Scales and Shrimp Shell Waste to Produce a Low-molecular-weight of Chitosans and Their Antimicrobial Effect Against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. (RM20 000).

6. Mr. Tajul Afif Abdullah
**Effects of Elicitors on Optimization of Phenolic Compounds in Ficus Caricalinn Callus for production of natural products. (RM20 000).

Selamat menjalankan penyelidikan dan semoga sukses!