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  • • Bachelor in Food Technology with Honours (MQA/FA9640)

Bachelor in Food Technology with Honours (MQA/FA9640)



Food technology integrates the principles and concepts of science, chemistry, microbiology and engineering to be used for selecting, buiding, processing, analyzing, assessing, wrap and store food as well as beverage products. Recently, the rise in price of food and drink has made the food technology field will become more important to meet the needs of food and drink with are nutritious and good for general users. Students who join the program will be exposed to all aspects of learning about food; chemical properties of foodstuffs so that the products of refining food safety and high quality. They need to follow the course scientific curriculum as the preparation for the various job opportunities or to continue lessons at postgraduates studies in the fields related to Food Technology.


Food processing is one of the largest manufacturing industry and gives a very good job opportunities to the graduate technology food. Development and promotion of this industry need specialized workers in the field of food technology. Graduate which has food technology experienced can enabled them to become entrepreneurs in food industry or hold important jobs at the refinery to process food, food and foodstuffs suppliers as well as in the laboratories investigations, government agencies, legal agencies and also the enforcing agency.


This degree takes four (4) years with credit graduation requirement of 120.

More information, please refer to the Undergraduate Handbook.