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  • • Bachelor of Agriculture Biotechnology with Honours (MQA/FA9639)

Bachelor of Agriculture Biotechnology with Honours (MQA/FA9639)



Bachelor of Agricultural Biotechnology with Honours (MQA/FA9639) is the best preparation for the carrier in agricultural and biotechnology fields. This course provides the students with the basic knowledge and advanced production of agricultural products and biotechnology through various university courses. The first year of study, students will be exposed to microbiology, analytical organic chemistry, biochemistry, agriculture botany, crop science, agricultural economics, fundamental genetics and soil science. In second and third years including the biostatistics, crop protection, cell and molecular biology, principles of animal cell and tissue culture, plant physiology, agricultural entrepreneurship, plant in vitro technology, farm mechanization, plant breeding, bioinformatics, agricultural extension and plant signalling physiology. During the fourth year, the student will carry out the project in the end, the unfolding investigation seminar, plant genetic engineering, precision farming, irrigation systems, agricultural marketing, aquaculture, weed science and plant genetic resources.


The graduate will have various opportunities of professional carrier in agriculture or biotechnology fields. Among the carriers including agriculture officer, agriculture extension officer, agronomy officer, plant breeding officer and plant protection officer. In goverment sector, the graduate can involved in carrier based on laboratories and fieldwork, such as research officer and technical officer in Research Institute and Universities. In addition, the graduate may involved in the education sector or media related to biotechnology and agriculture. 


This degree takes four (4) years with credit graduation requirement of 127.

More information, please refer to the Undergraduate Handbook.